Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Looking For A Job

I've got a job interview coming up on Thursday (7/12/2012).
It is with a school just about 230 miles north of where I'm living now. It is for a social studies teaching position.  I'm not exactly sure if it is middle school or high school, since I've seen the district posting for both.

I wonder sometimes what will become of this blog if/when I get a full-time teaching job.  The blog's premise, which is "pretending to be a teaching of any given subject," would become almost more self-deprecating than I'd like.  Perhaps I'll rename the blog, and continue on as a teaching blog?  Maybe I'll abandon the whole thing, and just start a new one? I suppose deleting everything, and forgetting the whole endeavor is also an option... though probably not one that I'll go with.

This is something I can probably worry about later.

For those of you keeping track, I'm not just "pretending" to look for a job.  My job hunt is very much real.  I just wanted the title to fit the over all theme.