Thursday, December 20, 2012

A Middle School Life Skills Teacher

I had a life skills class today.  Never heard of a "life skills" class?  You might be more familiar with the term, "Home Economics."

My sixth graders were working on advertisements for fictional products.  They had a list of advertisement techniques, and they had to include at least two of them in their project.
Some of the ads were fantastic.
One boy was marketing a "snot remover."  I overheard the following conversation between the creator and another boy.
Other Boy: That nose looks stupid.
Creator: It doesn't matter what the nose looks like, as long as it's full of boogers!
The creator also had drawn in Kim Kardashian, and had her quoted as saying, "This is the only booger remover I rely on!"

Wednesday, December 12, 2012

A High School Science Teacher

I subbed today for a science teacher.  I have written about her classroom several times in the recent past.

My first class of the morning was anatomy.  It was pretty easy.  I showed the kids a PowerPoint slide show, featuring labeled diagrams of various muscle groups.  Some of the names of the muscles have "weird names" or are difficult to pronounce, which led to a couple interesting comments...

Student 1: "Sternocleidomastoid?  Sounds like a children's cereal."

Student 2: "Zygomaticus... that would make a great name for a kid."
Mr. C: "I think that would be cruel."
Student 3: "His nickname could be Ziggy!"

The students in today's Biology class wanted to have a "party" today at 12:12.  I told them there was no way, because they were supposed to take a test.  When the minute came, however, I let them stop and give a collective yell of "WOOO!!!"
After, I made them go straight back to the test.