Tuesday, January 8, 2013

A 7th Grade Science Teacher

I subbed for a seventh grade science teacher the other day.  It was my first time in the building, and I've only subbed in this district a few times.
When I checked in, the secretary asked me to trade her my car keys for a classroom key.  This was clearly the "norm" for that building, and I handed my keys over.  I wasn't thrilled, though, with the reassurance that my keys were "safe behind the computer monitor."

The kids themselves were awesome.  I had five seventh grade classes, and only one of them caused any sort of problem.

We were watching an episode of the BBC documentary series Planet Earth.  I've got to say, some of the film work was incredibly impressive.  Even the kids appreciated the cinematography.

The scene below was one of their favorites.  It cuts off a bit earlier than I would like, but it is still pretty cool.