Tuesday, May 28, 2013

A Biology Teacher

I "taught" high school biology today.
This mostly consisted of showing movies.

I found these adorable little guys sitting on a table in the back of the room.

Monday, May 20, 2013

In Demand

Friday was the last day for the Seniors at [City Withheld]  High School.
This is a school that I have subbed at many, many times, including a couple long-term jobs.  This year's Seniors were Freshmen when I first started working there.  This is the first time I've ever really been able to see a class through their entire high school career (even if I wasn't there every day). 
Knowing that Friday would be their last day, I decided weeks ago that I would not accept any other jobs for that day. A early last week I started to notice a LOT of job openings.  One school had 10 posted positions for Friday.  I began hearing teachers complaints at other schools about how their posted jobs were not being taken.  I felt reasonably confident that if I did not get into my school of choice, I would easily be able to land a job elsewhere.  There were so many jobs that the staffing agency I work for sent out a mass email telling all their employees to "please make yourselves available" to work on Friday.  That's something I'd never seen before.
Thursday morning I accepted a job at [City Withheld] High School.
When I arrived, I discovered a couple major things.  First, the teacher I was subbing for was actually around and in her classroom all morning, and only needed a sub for the afternoon.  It was unclear why the job had been posted for a full day.  Second, a posted job for a different teacher had gone unfilled.  This kept me very busy all day.

Why was Friday such a popular day for teachers to skip?

Also, one of the Seniors gave me a Senior-photo.  I felt special.

Tuesday, May 14, 2013

A History/P.E. Teacher

I subbed today for a Social Studies/Gym teacher.

Most of my gym classes today played soccer.  I guess this was injury day.  One girl pulled a muscle in her leg.  One girl twisted her ankle.  Two boys tried to catch the ball with their face.  Luckily there was no blood or broken limbs.

The seventh grade history class had an awesome assignment.  They were given a fictional report on a 4000 year old archaeological dig site.  They had to draw pictures of all the items described in the report, and suggest how the items may have been used.  Once they finished, I gave them a picture of the dig site.  It turned out that the scene they read about was a modern motel bathroom, where someone had died in the bathtub.
I thought the assignment was fun.

The final image.