Tuesday, May 14, 2013

A History/P.E. Teacher

I subbed today for a Social Studies/Gym teacher.

Most of my gym classes today played soccer.  I guess this was injury day.  One girl pulled a muscle in her leg.  One girl twisted her ankle.  Two boys tried to catch the ball with their face.  Luckily there was no blood or broken limbs.

The seventh grade history class had an awesome assignment.  They were given a fictional report on a 4000 year old archaeological dig site.  They had to draw pictures of all the items described in the report, and suggest how the items may have been used.  Once they finished, I gave them a picture of the dig site.  It turned out that the scene they read about was a modern motel bathroom, where someone had died in the bathtub.
I thought the assignment was fun.

The final image.


  1. What were each of the items described like in the descriptions? I'd like to do this activity with a class, could you go into some of the specifics of what kids were given?

  2. I do not remember all of them.
    For the image I posted, they talked about the bathtub being a sarcophagus. I believe the shower curtain was a "ceremonial shroud," or something like that.
    After looking around online a bit, I found that all of this is from a book called "Motel of Mysteries."
    This page has more info on the book, along with a different picture and its text.