Who Is Mr. C?

I am Mr. C.
I have been subbing for several years, and currently work in many different school districts.
Over the years I have subbed for all grades, K-12.  I have covered every topic most school districts have to offer.  In times past I would take any job that comes my way.  These days I try to draw the line at 4th grade, anything below that and I won't touch it... unless I'm exceptionally desperate.
I am certified to teach secondary (6-12) social studies (history, economics, geography, civics) and English.

I tend to run into some very interesting situations.  I'll post the highlights here.  ALL names/locations will be withheld or changed.

So, everything above is old.  As of the end of August, 2013 I am employed as a full-time teacher.
Some of the newest posts reflect that.  Enjoy.