Wednesday, December 12, 2012

A High School Science Teacher

I subbed today for a science teacher.  I have written about her classroom several times in the recent past.

My first class of the morning was anatomy.  It was pretty easy.  I showed the kids a PowerPoint slide show, featuring labeled diagrams of various muscle groups.  Some of the names of the muscles have "weird names" or are difficult to pronounce, which led to a couple interesting comments...

Student 1: "Sternocleidomastoid?  Sounds like a children's cereal."

Student 2: "Zygomaticus... that would make a great name for a kid."
Mr. C: "I think that would be cruel."
Student 3: "His nickname could be Ziggy!"

The students in today's Biology class wanted to have a "party" today at 12:12.  I told them there was no way, because they were supposed to take a test.  When the minute came, however, I let them stop and give a collective yell of "WOOO!!!"
After, I made them go straight back to the test.

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