Thursday, November 15, 2012

A Science Teacher

I spent Tuesday and Wednesday this week subbing for a science teacher.
It is the same teacher I subbed for a few weeks back.
One of the classes took a test, identifying the parts of a crayfish.  Some of the directions were not very clear, and my lack of crayfish expertise kept me from being able to help them.  I always feel bad about that sort of thing.

Thursday was the Opening Day of Firearm Deer Season.  It is celebrated as a holiday.  All area schools were cancelled, and on Wednesday the kids could only talk about their opening day plans.
One boy was bragging that he was going to be able to bring his iPad out with him, and play on that while waiting.

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  1. Guess I should let all my other hunter friends that they need to take along the newest awesome gadget in hunting.....The iPad. So the deer they froze their backsides off waiting for can walk away, while they play WOW on their iPad in the tree stand. ;) - Carla