Sunday, October 28, 2012

A High School Science Teacher

I spent three days this past week as a high school science teacher.  This woman has five different classes to prep for... that is pretty intense.

The Freshman Biology class spent two of the three days creating biome posters.  On the first day I went over the rubric with them.  One of the items was, "cite at least 3 sources."  I'm almost positive that the teacher only wanted them to list the book title or URL for their information.  However, I told the kids that this meant they needed to have a proper citation page for their poster, and that it should be in either MLA or APA formatting.  The kids were really unhappy about this.  Their complaints lessened once I pointed them towards, but only slightly.
I figure it is always a good thing when kids realize that properly citing information is needed beyond research papers.
I told their English teacher about this during lunch one of the days, and she loved it.

The school also had a varsity football home game on Friday.  On Thursday, one of the guys on the team asked me if I wanted to wear his away jersey the next day.
I politely turned him down.

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