Tuesday, August 2, 2011

A Summer School Teacher (5)

Yesterday was the first day of the second half of summer school.  I had two students, each taking a different level of American History.  I had another girl add today, giving me a grand total of three students, each taking a different class.

I can't imagine what the other summer school teachers think about my class size.  The English teacher has about 20 kids, and the math teacher has 30 or 31.

One of the kids is taking American History A, which I taught last session.  This is my first opportunity to ever really re-use previously created lessons on a "year-long" scale.  I do have to make a couple tiny modifications to them, but for the most part I only have to worry about putting together material for the other two kids.  It's nice.

Lastly, the quote of the day...
American History Student, talking about Andrew Carnegie's philanthropic tendencies - "Obviously that charity wasn't important, since Wikipedia doesn't have a real page for it."

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