Monday, January 9, 2012

Amused by the System

As I've mentioned in previous updates, the way the subbing systems work (or at least the two I work for) is that teachers either call or log-in to an automated system, and enter the info for the job they need covered.  If you do it online, teachers can add in special notes.
Every so often I'll see a job posting with a note saying, "No sub needed, job filled internally."  
So... 1) Why do they bother posting it to the job board?  Depending on your setting, some people may be getting CALLED as early as 4am because the job is posted to a particular school on their list.  And, B) what would they do if I accepted the job and showed up ready to work?


  1. A lot of places use that kind of system as their attendance tracking. They probably either don't realize it's making calls for it, or (more likely) don't bother doing it in the way that keeps it from making calls.

  2. I'm sure that you're right. My personal hunch is that the teachers aren't actually briefed fully on how the subbing system works on the sub's end.