Tuesday, February 26, 2013

A 7th Grade Science Teacher

I picked up a four day block for a local seventh day science teacher.  This is very odd, as most teachers/districts will hand-select subs for such a long period of time.
It turned out that the teacher has been gone for the past three weeks, and they've had a string of different subs in to cover for her.  This has had a very strong impact on the kids.

The following conversation manifested without any prior context.  In fact, all the other kids were working on an assignment.
A student walked up to me...
Student: "Hey, you know how they dumped Osama in the ocean?"
Mr. C: "Uh...okay..."
Student: "That must make for one messed up Spongebob."
Mr. C: *long pause* "......sit down and get back to work."

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