Tuesday, March 26, 2013

A Pretend Gym Teacher

Last week I had two separate assignments as history teachers.  During both of those assignments I was asked to sub for a gym teacher on what would have been a prep period.

The first day I was in a very large class being co-taught with another gym teacher.  She was there that day, so I just needed to supervise.  The class was having a badminton tournament.  About 15 minutes in the other teacher asked me if I wanted to be her partner against a pair of students with no one else to play.  I agreed, and quickly discovered two things.  1) I am HORRIBLE at badminton (though the teacher and the students were cool about it.... going so far as to let me re-serve shots when I missed the shuttlecock entirely) .  2) Badminton is a surprisingly athletic game, and wearing a button-down shirt and tie while playing is a very bad idea.
On a side note, the other teacher and I DID end up winning a very close game.  I'm pretty sure if I hadn't been given an unofficial handicap we would have lost.  Also, she nailed a kid directly in the eye with a shuttlecock, then laughed at him once she realized he hadn't lost any vision.

The second day was a much smaller gym class, and the students were playing Pickle Ball, and I also joined in on a game the last 10 minutes of class.  Despite all appearances it was much more difficult than badminton.  It was good that the group I was playing with weren't really keeping score.  In fact they were not all that interested in the competitive aspect of the game period.

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