Tuesday, September 25, 2012

A 7th Grade Special Ed Math Teacher

Most of my day today was spent as a band teacher, but it was pretty boring.
During sixth period I subbed in a 7th grade math class.  The school wasn't able to get enough subs to cover all the missing teachers today, so I got to fill in during what would have been a prep period.

As I was rushing to look over the lesson plans for that hour, I noticed a girl standing in the doorway, glaring at me.  The following conversation happened as I looked up at her.

Girl: You!  I hate you! (said with some actual venom in her voice)
Mr. C.: ....oh? Have we met...?
Girl: You got me expelled from [other school]!  That's why I had to transfer here!
Mr. C.: Oh, wow.  That does seem like something I should remember.
Girl:  You got me expelled because I threw a marker at you!  It was last year, in sixth grade!
Mr. C.: I'm sorry, I really don't remember that... are you going to throw markers at me again today?
Girl: (said with a scoff) Only if you get me mad.
Mr. C.: I guess I'll try not to do that.

She did not speak to me again the rest of the class period.  She just sat and quietly worked on her math worksheets; glaring daggers at me anytime I'd walk by.

Eventually I did remember her.  The marker thing had just been the tipping point, when I finally called down to the principal's office and asked for her to be removed.
I had no idea she had been expelled, as I had made a point never to go back to that teacher's classroom.


  1. ...but it looks like she learned not to mess with you, right?