Saturday, March 12, 2011

An 8th Grade Math Teacher

*NOTE* All names have been changed.  I would prefer to withhold names all together, but for this one having a name makes the story flow better.

Earlier this week I was subbing for an 8th grade math teacher.  She was in meetings in the building, so I got a chance to talk with her a bit before school started.  One of the points she stressed to me was that I should make sure to be very accurate with marking students tardy if they come in after class starts.  Another was that students should be in their assigned seats at all times.

During one of the class periods, I was in the front of the room taking attendance as class started.  About a full minute after the bell, a student walks through the door.  Looking up from my clipboard I say, "hello, can I get your name please?"  He pauses, looks me up and down, gets a big grin on his face and says, "it's Jose, dude!"  He then throws his shoulders back and struts to the back of the room to his seat.  As he does this I find the only Jose on the list and mark him tardy while saying, "alright, thank you Jose Dude." 
At this point I continued to go through the seating chart, calling off names as I did so.  When I got to the tardy student I said, "I already know that Jose Dude is here," and was about to read off the name infront of him when the student stands up and yells, "you better not call me that again or you're gonna regret it!"
I stopped, looked up at him and said, "did you just theaten me?"  Now he tried to back peddle and tell me he was joking and that he didn't really mean it.  I told him that wasn't something I was going to put up with, so I sent him to the RTC (Responsible Thinking Classroom, or some variation on the same theme).

At the end of the day, the teacher came back in and told me that she'd heard I had trouble with Jose.  I told her what happend, and she told me he was suspended for three days.  I feld bad about this, until she went on to say that the same student had recently come back from an even longer suspension, which he got for punching a teacher and giving her a black eye.

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