Monday, March 28, 2011

A High School Math Teacher

I subbed for a high school math teacher today.  It was my first day in a new district.

For two of the class periods there was a student teacher in the room.  While sitting in the back, watching her go about her lesson, I couldn't help but think about two things.
1) It must really suck to have a sub in the room when you're, finally, not under the watchful eye of your Master Teacher.
2) Was I that awkward when I was student teaching?

I also over-heard some great one-liners today.

Girl: Did you guys know that cat-scratch fever is real?  Look at my arms!  My kitty did this to me this morning!  They really itch.

Pregnant 9th grade girl, after being asked how she was doing quitting smoking:  My doctor said I can still smoke, as long as I do it slowly.  Otherwise it'll stress the baby.

Same pregnant girl to friend:  My back is, like, covered in pimples!  Wanna see?


  1. Poor ST.

    9th grade pregnant girl with nicotine habits?! That's disturbing. Do I even want to know what her home life is like?

  2. I don't know, nor is it my place to assume.
    I just do my best to show the kids respect... and maybe remember some of the better quotes.