Wednesday, April 6, 2011

A 4th Grade Teacher.

I subbed for a fourth grade teacher today.

I re-learned how to do long division today.  I think I'll stick to using a calculator. 

I was finally able to get my hands on a copy of Diary of a Whimpy Kid: The Ugly Truth today.  I've read the rest of the books, always having been able to pound them out in a day during any down time.  I only got through the first 150 or so pages today.  Who knows when I'll have another chance to finish it...

Every morning on my way to school I listen to NPR news on the local public radio station.  This afternoon, after school, I got back into my Jeep and the station was playing classical music.  I sat for a few minutes checking texts on my phone and listening to the music.  When I finally looked up, there was a tiny little girl marching across the parking lot (stomping rain puddles) in perfect rhythm to the march playing on the radio.  It may have been the most amazing/adorable thing ever.

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