Friday, April 29, 2011

A History/Economics Teacher

I subbed today for a high school history/economics teacher, the same one I subbed for on Monday.
Actually, I have subbed for her many, many times, including a five week long-term job last year.  I enjoy subbing in her room.  I know a lot of the kids by name at this point, plus she often leaves me with "real" lesson plans.  This is both good and bad.  The good side is that I get to actually use my degree, instead of just babysit.  The bad side is that I get much less reading done.
Today I got to teach an introduction to World War I, mostly involving an explanation of the network of alliances that lead to the war.  I also got to tell part of the story of the Vietnam War, then show the first twenty minutes of Dear America.  If you haven't seen that film, I really suggest it.

A student wrote on the board today, "Mr C. Rules."  Usually I ask kids not to write random stuff on the whiteboards, or at least erase whatever they sneak on there, but I had to agree with him and leave it up there.  I am pretty awesome.

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