Thursday, April 28, 2011

An Economics/Psychology Teacher

Today I subbed for a high school economics/psychology teacher.
She was pretty excited that I'm certified to teach economics, which meant that I knew enough to give some depth to the notes I was supposed to present to the classes.  The students were not at all excited about this. 
I often get questions from students like, "if you're not certified in math, how can they let you teach us?"  However, kids also groan when they find out I AM certified to teach a subject (history, economics, civics, English, etc), because that means that they have to do "real work."  I just can't win.

I had a student walk up to me today after he finished his test.  The entire time he approached he had a hand on his crotch, scratching madly.  When he got to me the following conversation (more or less) took place,
Student: "Can I go do a crab check?" 
Mr. C.:  "Excuse me?"
Student: "Can I go get a drink?"
Mr. C.:  "Oh, uh, yeah."

After school, I was picking up some trash on the floor and I found an interesting note.  It is short, but it tells a touching story fully of friendship, hope, and rejection.  I've reproduced it below, word for word, just as it is written.  The line in bold was written in heavy ink (rather than pencil like the rest of it).  It is not my emphasis, neither are the dashes.  I have put an extra line in between where I'm pretty sure it is different people writing.

-Srry, but I don't like her like that, Ill just go hang with
Friends or go to the movies, but you have a good time, okay?

-you don't have to Really like someone like that in order
for you to go dancing.  go with her as a friend
shed really like that if someone were to ask
her to go with them.  she don't like you that way either
but she'd like to go with you as a friend.

-I'll think about it, but either way you just have a good time KK?
okay you too.

KK. Maybe next time... Hopefully.  LoL kidding

LL, so what's up?

       Nothing much you?

Nothin, just writting a note and passing it back and forth to a hot chick,
maybe I should find out her name, LoL

Ha Ha Hee hee

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