Tuesday, November 8, 2011

A Health/Science Teacher

I subbed today for a health/science teacher.
It was my first day in a new building.  I was surprisingly nervous about working at this particular school for the first time, and not for reasons that one might expect.  Most schools (or at least the ones I usually work in) have some sort of reputation, but I had never heard anything about this school, good or bad.  They also almost never post openings for subbing jobs; the one I picked up for today was the first I'd ever seen.
They day did end up going VERY well, though.  The teacher left very detailed lesson plans, though they were spread out over three different documents, in three different locations, and I had to mentally put them together like a puzzle.

Also, are some schools now being built with Faraday Cages around/inside of them?  I suppose that could be a good idea, it would help keep kids off their cell phones.  I discovered (during my prep, thank you very much) that I had no service on my cell whatsoever; I didn't even have access to the data network.  However, once I stepped outside the building, I had nearly full bars and full 3G network access.

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