Monday, November 21, 2011

A Middle School English Teacher

I subbed today for a middle school English teacher.

Every class period had to go down to the computer lab at the start of class, in order to take some sort of reading test.  We were scheduled to use the main lab, which contains 30 brand new iMacs.  The kids were excited because for nearly all of them, today was their first chance to use the lab; it was mine too.  The teacher left in his notes that this should only take about 30 minutes, that ended up being a gross underestimate.  The first class period had it especially bad, because on top of the kids not knowing how to run the Mac OS, I had to discover the hard way that I needed a teacher with a master key to turn on the power to the computers to even get them running.

For a brand new lab, these computers were a joke.  It wasn't just a matter of slow internet, but the units themselves would sometimes take 5+ minutes to process simple stuff, like closing a window.  I'd been in the old lab many times, and it was significantly faster and easier to use.

I got a couple texts today from another teacher that I often sub for in a different school.  I guess her Freshman World History class was learning about ancient Japan, and she had them writing Haiku.  They wrote one as a class, and I came up as a topic.  What follows is a picture of their brainstorming session, followed by the final poem.  I usually try to omit my name from anything on here, but this wouldn't really make sense if I did.
All pictures are used with permission.


The final poem.
I do have nice hair.

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