Monday, May 14, 2012

A 7th Grade Social Studies Teacher

The following conversations happened during two separate class periods.

Mr. C: And that's how a hydroelectric dam works.  Any questions?
*Girl in front raises hand*
Mr. C:  Yes?
Girl: What brand gel do you use in your hair
Mr. C:, I honestly can't remember..... any OTHER questions?
*Boy in the back raises his hand*
Mr. C: Yes, sir?
Boy: Is it "Got 2B Spike Up" brand?
Mr. C: ......*sigh* Yes, as a matter of fact, I think it is.  Good guess.  Now, any MORE questions?
*Several other hands shoot up*
Mr. C:  ...any more questions that AREN'T about my hair? *All hands go down* That's what I thought.  Moving on...

Mr. C: And that's how a hydroelectric dam works.  Any questions?
*Boy raises hand*
Mr. C:  Yes, sir.  What's up?
Boy: My uncle used to jump off of dams and other really high places.
Mr. C:  Yeah?  That's pretty cool.  That can be kinda dangerous though.
Boy: It is.  There was this one dam he always jumped off of, and he said sometimes in a certain spot he could feel the turbines pulling him in... and then one time it did suck him in, and it chopped him up and he died.
Mr. C: um... I don't know what to say to that.  Is that a true story?
Boy: Yep.  My dad and grandma tell it all the time.
Mr. C:  I see.  Um...I'm sorry... yeah... wow... Okay, let's move on...