Wednesday, May 23, 2012

a Fourth Grade Teacher (Field Trip Edition)

I subbed today in a fourth grade classroom, in a building I had only been in once.
We went on a field trip to a nature center.  I knew in advance that we would be going on a trip, but I did not really know much of anything about the destination.
The place turned out to be extremely heavy on nature, and very light on center.  Almost all of the six hours we were there was to be spent outside, on what turned out to be a VERY bright, hot day.
Guess which incredibly pale sub forgot to pack sunscreen.
Lucky for me, the group of kids I had to watch also came with a super-mom for a chaperone.  She saw my predicament nearly right away, and simply offered me some sun screen.  She also, later on, gave me a very long lecture on how horrible energy drinks are for your body.

The day as a whole turned out to be a lot of fun.

And, even with the sunscreen, I still managed to get a horrible sunburn on my scalp, because of how I had my hair gelled.

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