Wednesday, May 2, 2012

An Art Teacher

A few weeks back I spent a week subbing for an art teacher.  She had an unbelievable schedule.  Not only did she not have have a prep period (not common, but something I've seen a number of times), but she did not have a lunch break.  She had a class of two students over the usual lunch period.  She was even double booked during that period, so that she had to leave the two kids alone for part of the hour to teach art in rotating elementary classrooms.
I could have subbed for her for the rest of the school year, but for several complex reasons I decided against it.

On the plus side, she had some really crazy/cool stuff around her room.  According to one Senior art student, she "just builds stuff and assigns projects to advanced students, so that she can have neat stuff all over the room."

I've got a couple examples below.  The teacher built the dragon, "just because," and I'm told that he son built the face.  The dragon also isn't done, as she hadn't finished the wings.

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  1. you would think with as high as lottery winnings and jackopts are ,they'd give money back to schools. the only reasaon i bring that up is it seems like schools really have gotten shucked out of all things from funding to a simple moment to prepare for students.keep on striving to achieve and you'll never fail. is what i teacher mr. orent in 5th grade told me and i still remember.great job Mr.c