Wednesday, March 21, 2012

A High School Science Teacher

This must be science week.  I've had science Monday, today, and I've got science scheduled for Friday.

I had an AP biology class today, and I've never before felt like such an idiot.  The kids had just finished a study guide of some sort, and we had to go over the answers today.  There wasn't a lot of time, because they needed to get started on a test, so the teacher wrote, "just read the answers to them."  Seems easy enough, right?
First off, the key was hand written, and the teacher's handwriting was horrible.  I've gotten pretty good at deciphering chicken scratch, but this was just like nothing I'd seen.  Second, the material was something I knew nothing about, so I couldn't even try and infer what he wrote by having an educated guess at the answer.
The end result was that I stumbled horribly through the guide.  It's a good thing this was an AP class, because the kids pretty much knew all the answers anyway, and could explain anything I couldn't answer.  I felt like an idiot, and I just KNOW that they were sitting in their chairs thinking, "who is this dumb-ass, and why is he standing in front of us?"

On a related note, nothing kills your good morning better than, while standing outside your classroom door you hear "f--ck yeah!  We got a sub today!" erupt from some unseen kid in the hallway.

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  1. I have experience and totally agree with everything you said in this post. Especially the F Yeah! part. That's unnerving.