Friday, May 6, 2011

An English/Drama Teacher

I subbed today for an English/drama teacher.  Most of my day was spent on freshman English, so I'm starting to get a bit burned out on it; at least it is a different school from earlier this week. In fact, this was my first time subbing in this particular high school.

Over all, today was memorable day, and also a day for several firsts. 
I thought I'd taught pretty much everything out there.  I've taught algebra.  I've taught poetry and Shakespeare. I've overseen cooking classes.  I've refereed most gym games you can think of.  I've given constructive criticism in art class and (badly) conducted middle school orchestras, not to mention the social studies spectrum, in which I'm actually certified.  But today was my first day in a drama class. 
Today was also the first time I've kicked a student out for calling back, "your mom!" when I asked the class for the last name of an absent student.

I had a bizarre encounter with a student today.  Just before school and between classes I was supposed to stand out in front of the classroom door, to help keep an eye on the hallway.  Before school started I had the following conversation with a girl who's locker just happened to be right next to where I was standing.

Girl, her eyes wide: Ooh... who are you?
Mr. C.:  Mr. C, who are you?  -------> This is my standard reply to the "who are you" question.
Girl: [Name]... you look like an interesting person.
Mr. C.: Uhh... thanks?  I try.
Girl:  Yeeaahhh.... your mustache is just fantastic...
Mr. C.: ...Alright then, thanks...

At which point I turned and walked back into the classroom.  There were a few more odd exchanges throughout the day, as I monitored the halls between classes. Including...

Girl: I've never seen you here before.  You should make sure to sub again, I don't have [name of teacher I'm subbing for].
Mr. C.: ...Well, the year's nearly over, so who knows if I'll ever get back here.

And I overheard the following as she was walking past the door...

Girl to friend: That's [name of teacher I'm subbing for]'s sub... doesn't he look like an interesting person?

I have no idea what the hell I did to look like an "interesting person."

Lastly, this conversation took place during one my classes.  This is NOT the same girl from above.
Girl: Mr. C., you know what actor you kinda remind me of?
Mr. C.: Zach Galifianakis?
Girl: Oh my God!  How'd you know?
Mr. C.: I hear it nearly every day. 
Girl: Wow!  That's so awesome!
Mr. C.:  Yeah.  Real awesome.

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