Thursday, May 5, 2011

A Freshman English Teacher... Again

I subbed today for a freshman English teacher, the same one I subbed for on Tuesday.

I got to watch the ending of the 1997 Romeo and Juliet five times today.  It is a neat adaptation.

During one class I was explaining how to fill out an outline for an essay they were going to start writing.  As I began pointing out details on the sheet one student, without saying a word, stood up, leaned against a wall, and just stared at me with his fingers in his ears.  Some of the kids in the class had reason to hate me (I'm one of those a-hole subs that tend to enforce classroom rules), but he wasn't one of them.  It didn't make any sense.

I'm also starting to REALLY hate the iPod Touch.  Teachers, please realize that every district, and every building in each district, tend to be slightly different when it comes to rules about technology.  However, despite the different rules, all kids either have an iPod or a cell phone that they can play games on and listen to music.  Please make up a static note mentioning your rules about such things.  ALL students WILL insist that they're allowed to use such things in class when there is a sub in the room, regardless of if it is true or not.
More often than not it isn't a battle worth fighting, but it gets to be pretty obnoxious.

Lastly, and this is still directed at any teachers reading this, when you don't follow through with consequences for noted behavior problems, all subs everywhere die a little inside.

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