Wednesday, May 4, 2011

A Middle School History/Geography Teacher

I subbed today for a middle school history/geography teacher.

The history classes were watching Uncle Tom's Cabin.  It was during one of these classes that I overheard the following conversation.
Student 1: Who is that actor?  I think I've seen him in other stuff.
Student 2: That's Samuel L. Jackson.
Student 1: Who?
Student 3: You're an idiot, no it isn't.  Samuel L. Jackson is white.
Mr. C.: *Fights against the urge to slam his own head through the desk*

The geography classes were all making detailed maps of the camp from which they had recently returned.  They told me that they had spent several nights there.  I had three blocks of geography, and during the first two nearly all the kids had a lot to do, and spent the hour doing it.  The last block, however, had many finished students.  One of those students was driving me crazy; bouncing all over the room, disrupting others who were working, etc.  Eventually I allowed him to get a book from his locker on the condition that he'd sit still and read it.  He brought back a Pokemon guide book, which kept him busy for all of five minutes.  At this point I had an idea.  After asking him to look up two or three specific Pokemon stats, I got bored with the game and just told him, "make me a list of all the Pokemon that don't appear in SoulSilver."  Knowing this would be a rather long list, I figured it would take him a while.  It took him a full 30 minutes, but shortly before the end of class he handed me the list.  I was rather impressed.

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