Friday, May 20, 2011

A Tenth Grade English Teacher

I subbed today for a 10th grade English teacher.

My largest task in several of the classes was to collect a very large research paper.  The notes left to me said that the students fail unless it is turned in.  They also said that it was due at the very start of class - no going to type it/print it off, or anything.  My life would have been very simple if I'd taken the "if they get it to me sometime today, it's all cool" stance.  Instead, in an effort to promote personal responsibility, I harshly enforced the teacher's rules.  This lead to a lot of angry students, and Mr. C. having to put up with some pretty lame excuses. In the end, I just wrote down any one's name that gave it to me late, along with their excuse.  It made for a VERY lengthy sub note at the end of the day, but I feel pretty good about it.

The school I was in today (and have been in a lot the past few weeks) is obsessed with the color of my beard.  Several times a day, every day I'm asked "do you dye your hair?" or "why is your beard so much redder than your hair?"  It's starting to get old.

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